Richard Dominguez
Videographer, Senior Video Editor and Photographer

Professional Experience
Freelance Photographer (2002 - Present)
Actor Portfolios, Still Photography for Commercial and Real Estate.
          . Outline Studios Real Estate. New York.  2017
          . The Rock Gym Astoria. New York. 2016
          . Spadaro Ristorante. New Rochelle, NY. 2015

Freelance Senior Editor (2008 - Present)
         . Short film ‘Outside the Parentheses’. Spain/USA. 2014
         . Short film ‘Shared Dreams’. Miami/New York. 2014
         . Short film ‘Why not?, Porqué No?’. New York. 2012

Freelance Videographer (2011 - Present)
          . Forest Park Dental Office tour video. New York. 2014
          . Promotional video for LB Graph-X & Printing. New York. 2013
          . Making Of. ‘Luis Terreros Behind the scenes’. New York. 2011

Indie Filmmaker Director and Editor (2001 - Present)
           . Short film ‘Hippy Dippy’. New York. 2010
           . Short film ‘Trickle Down Genius’.  New York. 2009
           . Short film ‘Who do you resemble?’. New York. 2006

TV Production. BRIC Media. Brooklyn, NY (2014-2015)
New York Film Academy. Digital Filmmaking. New York, NY (2003 - 2004)
Institute of Audio Research. Audio Mixing. New York, NY (2001 - 2002)

OSX, Windows OS, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Aperture, Lightroom, Cubase and Logic. Bilingual Spanish-English. Guitar player and Singer.

Additional Skills
Building Management (July 2008 - October 2017)
Responsible for the supervision and management of twenty staff members for the maintenance and improvements of two hundred multi-family residential apartments.

Personal Equipment
Sony a7R II, Canon 7D, Gopro Hero 4, Photography and Video Studio Lighting,
Zoom H4nSP, iMac 2015 and MacBook Pro 2017.


Richard Dominguez
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